What's the Difference Between Promade Fans and Premade Fans?

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What's the difference between Promade Fans and Premade Fans

If you’ve been thinking about trying premade fans, you might have been surprised to see that there are so many different types available on the market. Premade fans, promade fans, long stem, short stem, mid stem… and the list goes on!

This blog article will provide you with a clearer idea of what each type is exactly. We’ll also look at the differences between them, including their pros and cons, so you can find the best option for you.

1. What are premade fans?

Lash Jungle Premade Fans

Lash Jungle Premade Fans Collection

Premade fans are created for lash artists who want to offer volume lashes, but haven’t completed Russian volume training yet. They may also be used by lash artists who want to cut down their lashing time significantly.

Premade volume lashes are perfectly fanned and laid on a tray by the lash supplier, so all you need to do is pick them up and apply them to your client’s natural lashes, as you would with classic lashes.

At Lash Jungle PRO, premade fans come in two different styles: short stem and long stem. By “stem”, we mean the base of the fan.

Premade Fans Short Stem vs Long Stem

Short stem premade fans have a shorter and pointier base, with a wider appearance. They are best for filling gaps in sparse natural lashes, and result in a softer, fluffier look like that of handmade Russian volume fans.

Long stem premade fans have a long base, and a dramatic and dense look that yields a black eyeliner effect. Just like Classic lashes, they are easier to apply, making them the best option for beginners or artists who have never used premade lashes before.

Short Stem vs Long Stem

2. What are promade fans?

Promade fans are the newer generation of premade fans. Lash artists started calling them “ProMade”, as they resemble a handmade volume fan. Promade fans may be referred to by different names, but simply put, the fans inside are basically the same, with different packaging.

There are three main types of promade fans that we offer at Lash Jungle: loose, instant setup, and XXL eco trays.

Promade Fans Comparison Chart

Lash Jungle Promade Fans Range

Lash Jungle Loose Promade Fans

Loose promade fans come in a bunch in a tiny box. They are not pre-lined for you, so you will need a silicone pad to use these.

How to use: Take a bundle of loose fans, and place them on the silicone pad. Arrange them in lines by length.

If you’re not sure, simply watch the video below.



Loose fans are the most economical option. You can reduce your cost per client significantly just by using these, since there are 1,000 fans inside a super tiny box (which will be enough to create up to seven volume sets). The small packaging will also save you a lot of storage space. If your lash room is not very spacious, you’ll understand how big an advantage this is.

However, setting up loose fans may take a bit of time, as you need to separate the fans from the bunch one by one. You may set them up on a silicone pad beforehand to shorten the appointment time, such as when you are waiting for clients to arrive.

Lash Jungle Promade FansLash Jungle’s promade fans come perfectly laid out in a mega tray. They are called “eco boxes” because the package is made of environmentally-friendly cardboard. With one tray, you will get between 400 to 600 volume fans (varies based on the dimension of the lashes).


The biggest pro of using promade fans is that they are definitely the easiest to use. As they come all laid out in a box, all you need to do is remove one strip (or even just pick it up directly from the tray), then apply.


However, whilst they are the quickest to set up, the cost per fan is higher in comparison to other options. Also, the boxes are bigger, meaning that if you want to stock up different dimensions, lengths, and curls, you will need a lot of space for them.

 Lash Jungle Instant Setup Promade Fans

Instant setup fans are the newest member of the promade fans family. With instant setup promade fans, the lash fans come attached to a clear fan strip, but they are stacked on top of each other to save space. They come in a small box with seven compartments (slightly bigger than the loose fans box), containing 1,000 fans per box. We even offer mixed trays!

How to use: You will still need a silicone pad to set them up, because the fan strips on these lashes are not self-adhesive. However, setting these up is definitely easier than setting up loose fans.

If you’re not sure how to apply these, simply watch the video below.


Pros & Cons:

The biggest advantage of these lashes is that they will help you to save time with prepping and application. Separating the fan strips and attaching them to your silicone strip is a super easy and quick process. Again, their small box size means that you’ll need less storage space, which is a plus.

The price per fan for these lashes is slightly more compared to the loose fans, but lower than the XXL Eco Box.

Premade versus Promade fans - Which one's better?

Premade vs promade fans - which one's better

Now that you understand what premade and promade fans are, let’s look at what the differences are between them.

  • Fan width

Promade fans tend to have a wider appearance than premade fans. For this reason, they are perfect for filling gaps.

  • Base

Promade fans have extremely thin bases, which will help you to achieve a cleaner look with improved retention. On the other hand, the base of premade fans varies depends on the dimensions of the lashes. Normally though, lower dimensions like 3D will have thinner base, whereas the base of dimensions like 8D or 10D will be slightly thicker.

The bases of premade fans create a very dark and bold eyeliner effect, which is great for those clients wanting a full, dramatic effect.

  • Curl

Premade Fans tend to have stronger curls than Promade Fans.

  • Finish

Whilst the premade fans have a matte finish, the promade fans have a semi-shiny texture.

  • Result

Overall, if you compare promade and premade fans of the same dimensions, you will notice that premade fans tend to create a darker, fuller, more dramatic look. By contrast, with promade fans, you’ll achieve a more natural and fluffier effect.

 Premade Fans vs Promade Fans Result

At the end of the day, there is no right answer when it comes to which is the better of the two. It all comes down to your preferences as a lash artist!

That’s why at Lash Jungle, we stock different types of premade and promade fans, so you can be sure you’ll find the perfect lashes for you. We recommend you try a few different mixed trays, and see which ones you and your clients love the most.

Still not sure, or have questions? Feel free to contact us for more information! As premade and promade lash experts, and one of the leading lash suppliers in Australia, we’ll assist you the best we can. 😊


The Lash Jungle Team xx