Lash Furniture

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      The Lash Jungle's Lash Furniture collection is professionally curated to cater to the intricate needs of lash technicians and their clients, offering both comfort and functionality. This collection includes a Lash Mattress Topper, designed to enhance client posture and overall experience during sessions. Accompanying this are the Foldable and Half Moon LED Lights for shadow-free workspace and precise lash application, and the Ergonomic Lash Pillow to provide comfort and support for you and your clients. Completing our collection is the stylish Lash Bed Cover, which not only protects your investment but also elevates the ambiance of your workspace with its professional aesthetic. 

      Together, these pieces form the ultimate setting for creating beautiful lash artistry, enhancing the experience for both the lash artist and the clients. 

      It’s time to upgrade your lash studio with our lash furniture collection!