The Ultimate Guide to Hybrid Lash Extensions

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The Ultimate Guide To Hybrid Lash Extensions
Are you a new lash artist who has noticed other salons offering 'hybrid lashes' and are wondering what they are? In this guide, we will discuss what hybrid lash extensions are, the style and effect they create, and how to easily create them using certain products

1. The Difference Between Classic, Hybrid, and Volume Lash Extensions

Traditionally, hybrid lashes are a combination of classic and volume lashes. 

The Ultimate Guide To Hybrid Lash Extensions

2. What are Classic Lashes?

Classic lashes involve applying a single lash extension (which can be any diameter between 0.10 to 0.20 classic or flat lashes) to one natural lash. Assuming an average of 100 natural lashes per eye, a full set would involve applying 100 individual lashes. Classic lashes are preferred by clients who want a subtle, natural-looking finish. They mimic the look of mascara, resulting in slightly thicker, curlier, and longer lash sets than natural lashes. Even though volume lashes have become a huge trend in the last few years, classic lashes have remained popular for their understated look, perfect for clients who want extensions for everyday life rather than for a one-off party or holiday. Building a strong client base for classic lashes is essential for your business. 

The Ultimate Guide to Hybrid Lash Extensions - what are Classic Lashes?

3. What Are Volume Lashes? 

Volume lashes involve attaching a fan of multiple lash extensions (ranging from 2D to as much as 14D or more) to a single natural lash. To create volume lashes, you can either make your own fan with handmade lashes or use premade fans or promade fans. As multiple lashes are applied, volume lashes create the most dramatic look, offering a fuller, more glamorous appearance. You can adjust the final look by choosing the dimensions (lower dimensions such as 3D create a natural style, while higher dimensions like 8D or above create a very full and mega volume look). 

The Ultimate Guide to Hybrid Lash Extensions - what are Volume Lashes?

But, if your clients want something in between, that's where 'hybrid lashes' come in. 

4. What Are Hybrid Lashes? 

Hybrid lashes are created by mixing classic lashes and volume fans, typically in a 50/50 ratio, although this can be adjusted depending on the desired final look. Using more classic lashes results in a more textured and spike-y appearance, while more volume fans result in a fluffier, softer, but fuller look. Hybrid lashes provide excellent volume and coverage for sparse natural lashes, creating a textured, unique look by mixing two different diameter lashes, without being overly dramatic. They are also great for those transitioning from classic to volume lashes. With the variety of styles you can create, hybrid lashes often refer to any set that mixes different lashes. The possibilities for creativity are endless! 

The Ultimate Guide to Hybrid Lash Extensions - Hybrid Lashes

5. How to Create Hybrid Lash Extensions 

The standard method for creating hybrid lashes is to mix half classic lashes or flat lashes with volume lash fans. Start by applying thicker diameter lashes, such as 0.15 or 0.20 classic lashes, evenly spaced out. When about half of the natural lashes are covered, start applying volume fans to the remaining lashes. It's that simple! During infills, maintain the ratio by replacing the fallen-out lashes accordingly. 

The Ultimate Guide to Hybrid Lash Extensions - how to create Hybrid Lash Extensions

But to make your set more interesting and stand out, try the following ideas. 

6. How to Create Wispy Hybrid Lash Sets 

The first method uses premade spikes, which are lashes made of 4-5 individual 0.07 lashes bonded together. Place around 10 to 15 of these spikes on each eye and fill in the gaps with premade volume fans that are about 3mm shorter. The difference in thickness and length of the lashes will create a final look that resembles a strip lash, the 'Kim K' volume look. 

The Ultimate Guide to Hybrid Lash Extensions - Premade Spikes

The Ultimate Guide to Hybrid Lash Extensions - Premade Spikes

The second method involves using Wispy Promade fans. These fans already have a built-in spike in the middle, so all you need to do is apply these lashes as you would with classic lashes. Available in 5D and 9D, you can choose how full you want to go. At Lash Jungle, we also stock Wispy W lashes, which are similar to wispy premade fans but come in a smaller tray with more lashes, resulting in a much more affordable price.

The third option uses handmade lashes, allowing you to decide the thickness of each spike. Apply Superbonder to the top of the handmade lashes you'll use, then brush them gently to divide them into sections. Using lash tweezers, grab the bottom of the sectioned lashes, pull towards you, and apply them to the natural lashes. This method allows you to create spikes that are super thick or very thin, depending on the client's natural lash health and preferences. You can also create wet-look or anime lash looks with this method. 



The Ultimate Guide to Hybrid Lash Extensions - Handmade Spikes

7. How to Price Your Hybrid Lash Extensions

Hybrid lashes typically offer a moderate amount of volume, so many salons price them between classic and volume lash sets. Consider offering a 'wispy style' option as an add-on service. This unique touch is easy to upsell to clients, who are likely to fall in love with the new style. 

It's now almost necessary to offer new styles beyond the plain 'classic set' or 'volume set.' Keeping up with industry trends and introducing new collections of lashes will give you an unbeatable advantage over local competitors.

Find out more about more on how to properly price your lash extensions.

At Lash Jungle, we always aim to introduce innovative styles, new lashes, and products to help you succeed in the lash industry. So, stay tuned for our next new arrivals! 

The Lash Jungle Team