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Whether you’ve just finished your eyelash extension course, or have been working at a lash salon for a while, you might be thinking about starting your own lash business. Starting your business can definitely be rewarding, but it can also be quite stressful, as a lot of hard work is required in the beginning.

However, as you continue to build your clientele over time, there will be plenty of benefits to having your own business, including:

  • You will be your own boss 
  • You can work flexible hours, and accept bookings only on the days and times you want (which is great if you’re a stay-at-home mum or side hustler)
  • Earn as much as you work (as your income will become much higher and stable once you get your regular clients)

Intrigued? Then read on! This blog article will provide you with a step-by-step guide to setting up a new eyelash extension business.

The ultimate guide to starting an eyelash extension business:

1. Naming your lash business - brand identity
2. Research your competitors and prices
3. Apply for ABN
4. Open a business bank account
5. Buy lash supplies
6. Set up your lash space
7. Set up your online booking system
8. Social media and Google My Business account

1. Naming your lash business - brand identity

This is the most fun part! Brainstorm a tonne of name ideas.
You can use a name generator for ideas, or look at your competitors or different websites for inspiration, but keep in mind that your name should be:

  • Relevant to your business
  • Represent your brand
  • Tell a story or convey a message
  • Not be overused or cliche
  • Easy to understand and say aloud

You will also want to check if the name you came up with is available to use in Australia. You can do this via the ASIC website.

If you are going to be setting up a website, you should also check that the domain name for your business is available. You can do this at Crazy Domains.

You will also need to check Instagram and Facebook to make sure that nobody has already taken your preferred handle.

Once you’ve decided on a name, you can get started creating your brand logo. Hiring a graphic designer can be expensive, and if you are just starting out, you probably won’t want to spend too much. Luckily, you can create a brand logo yourself for free, using Canva. All you need to do is to choose some premade logos that you love, and change the text and colour to suit your brand and business name.

Source: Canva

2. Research your competitors and prices

Use Google or Instagram to identify your potential competitors. Find 5-10 lash businesses near you, and go through their website and social media pages to see:

  • Which lash styles they offer (e.g. do they offer classic sets only, or do they also offer hybrid and volume lashes?)
  • How much do they charge for a full set and infills?
  • What kind of demographic of clients do they target? (e.g. Are they geared to young clients, or more mature clients?)
  • What is their branding like?
  • How do they market themselves, and get new clients?

After doing some research and a bit of stalking on social media, you will be ready to create your own lash service menus and set your prices.

If you are a beginner, you will probably want to start at a lower price than your competitors, but don’t make your prices too cheap. A lot of beginners aren’t confident in their skills, and end up setting ridiculously low prices, which may be okay for a while until you gain experience. However, you also need to consider that there are a lot of business expenses associated with lashing (such as rent, electricity, internet, lash equipment and supply costs, subscription fees, marketing costs, and so on). We recommend setting reasonable prices at first, and running special promotions (e.g. 50% off a full set) until you become comfortable with charging your clients full price. By the time you finish the promotion, you’ll have quite a few regular clients.

As you did with your logo, you can also use Canva to create lash menu graphics. Simply search the site’s templates for food menus, then insert your logo and change the colour to suit your branding.

To print out your lash menus, marketing flyers, and business cards at a low cost, check out Vistaprint. Having decent brand assets will make you look more professional!

Lash business pricing, lash business menu canva

Create your own lash menu on Canva!

3. Get an ABN

To start a business in Australia, you need to get an ABN. This is not the most fun part, but it’s still essential. Fortunately, applying for ABN is super easy. Just visit

In Australia, there are four structures that you can use to build your business. Opting for the sole trader structure will be the easiest in the beginning, but we recommend you consult with an accountant to choose the best option for your situation.

Australian business strucutres

If you plan to run your business at home, you will also need to contact your local council to check what requirements apply to you. Every council has slightly different rules, so it is best to call them directly.

You will also want to organise public liability insurance, just in case something unexpected happens in your workplace.

4. Open a business bank account

Set up a separate business bank account, so you don’t mix your personal expenditure with business expenses.

You’ll also need to start collecting invoices for all business-related costs to get ready for tax time. The more organised you are, the less of a headache you’ll have at the end of the financial year.

5. Buy lash supplies

Finding a good lash supplier is so important. You will want to find someone who is reliable, and has a lot of good feedback from the professional lash technicians. Many lash artists prefer to use suppliers from their own countries.

We have created a list of the basic lash products to get you started:

If you find the above list overwhelming, you might choose to get an Essential Lash Kit instead, it includes all your lash essentials.

Lash Essential Student Kit

Lash Jungle Essential Kit

6. Set up your lash space

Now it’s time to decorate your room! Some of the things you will need to get are:


Credit: @beautybarcompany_

7. Set up your online booking system

Some lash artists still take calls and messages to book clients. However, do you want to be answering client messages late at night when you’re just chilling, or when you’re partying hard on Saturday nights?

Try setting up an online booking system instead! Timely and Fresha are both great softwares that you can use to do this.

By setting up an online booking system:

  • Your clients can find the best times for their appointments, and even reschedule their appointments themselves
  • There will be no more endless back and forth messages with your clients
  • You can take deposits that will significantly lower your chances of no-shows and last-minute cancellations
  • You can set automatic reminders for your clients, which also helps reduce no shows

Source: Fresha

8. Social media and Google My Business accounts

Social media is still a very powerful platform to promote your business. Set up a professional account for your lash business, using the brand logo you created. Start uploading beautiful shots of your work every day to begin building your portfolio. The more active you are on social media, the greater your chances will be of reaching new clients. We have a blog article about how to grow your business through Instagram.

It is also recommended that you register your business with Google My Business. People use Google to find everything, so by setting up your profile with as much as information you can, you can ensure your business will show up in searches for lash businesses in your area.

Another tip is that people really trust reviews, so don’t be shy to ask your clients to leave a review on Facebook or Google.

Source: Sunnystorm Marketing

Have you ticked off all the boxes? If so, you are all ready to go!

Starting a business can be really overwhelming to begin with, and there will be a lot of challenges on the way. But it really will help you grow as a person, and give you so much valuable experience! In the end, we guarantee it’ll all be worth it! 😊

The Lash Jungle Team