Lash & Brow Tint

Explore the world of high-quality lash and brow tinting with our extensive collection, featuring renowned brands like RefectoCil and Bronsun. These products are celebrated for their rich, enduring pigments and superior performance, ensuring your clients leave your salon with exceptional results that can last up to an impressive 7 weeks.

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Discover The Range Of Lash & Brow Tinting Products

Our lash & brow tint collection caters to a variety of aesthetic preferences, from dramatic enhancements to subtle definitions. With a broad spectrum of shades available, you can effortlessly match the tints to your clients' hair colours and skin tones, offering a personalised and versatile service that meets their unique needs. 

These eyebrow tints are more than just colour; they are a blend of care and quality. Formulated to be gentle yet highly effective, they are suitable for all skin types. This ensures that your clients not only look stunning but also feel comfortable and well-cared for during the tinting process. 

For those seeking lash and brow dye that mimics a henna effect, look no further than Bronsun lash and brow gel dye. If you prioritise a gentle formula with caring properties, opt for Bronsun lash and brow cream dye. For customisation, we recommend RefectoCil lash and brow tint. This eyebrow tint allows you to mix any base shade to achieve a precise match for your client’s skin and hair.  

We understand that a complete tinting process requires more than just the tint itself. That's why our range extends beyond lash and brow dye to include a wide selection of complementary products and accessories. From oxidants to essential pre-treatment products and accessories, we've got you covered with everything you need for a seamless and professional lash and eyebrow tinting service. 

New to the world of lash and brow tinting? Both RefectoCil and Bronsun offer a convenient starter kit to help you explore the full range of colours and everything you need to get started. These kits allow you to experiment with all the shades and create unique mixes, all while saving you money! It's a perfect way to expand your options and provide your customers with more choices.  

Elevate your salon’s lash and brow tinting experience with Lash Jungle today and discover how these premium products and comprehensive selection can enhance your salon's offerings, setting you apart as a destination for exquisite lash and brow transformations.