Myths About Premade Fans: The Truth Revealed

Even though premade fans have been on the market for years and used by numerous lash artists, they still suffer from a bad reputation or ‘myths’ within the industry. This has led to some artists being hesitant to try them. However, premade fans are designed to dramatically reduce lashing time. They come perfectly fanned and ready to apply, allowing you to skip the fan-making process and effortlessly create full and lush volume sets.

At Lash Jungle, we've seen our customers delighted with the results premade fans deliver, rapidly growing their lash businesses. We would hate for you to miss out on this opportunity due to misconceptions! Read on to discover the truth about premade fans. 

Myth 1: Premade Fans Damage Natural Lashes

Busted: A common myth is that premade fans harm natural lashes. In reality, the health of your natural lashes depends primarily on the weight of the extensions used and whether the lash artist correctly assesses the health of each natural lash. Additionally, the lash technician must isolate each lash perfectly, ensuring they don’t stick together. Premade fans can be as safe as handmade fans if applied correctly and if the lash artist ensures the weight and length are suitable for the client's natural lashes. We recommend checking out our safe lashing guide.

Lash Jungle Weight Chart

Myth 2: Premade Fans Look Unnatural

Busted: Some believe premade fans look too fake or plasticky, resulting in an unnatural appearance and discomfort. However, this largely depends on the quality of the PBT material used in creating the fans. With a variety of materials available for eyelash extensions, low-quality ones may appear hard, stiff, and heavy. It’s important to choose premade fans from reputable brands with ample product reviews.

Natural Sets created using Lash Jungle Premades

Myth 3:  Only Beginners Use Premade Fans

Busted: It's a misconception that premade fans are exclusively for beginners or those not skilled enough to make their own fans. In fact, many experienced lash artists use premade fans to save time or achieve a consistent look that may be challenging to replicate by hand.

Myth 4: Premade Fans Don’t Last as Long

Busted: The longevity of eyelash extensions, whether premade or handmade lashes, largely depends on the quality of the lash adhesive, the skills of the lash technician, and proper lash aftercare. When applied correctly and without overloading the natural lash, premade fans can last as long as handmade ones. Read our blog for tips on how to maximise lash retention.

Healthy outgrown lashes

Myth 5: They Limit Customisation

Busted: Some argue that premade fans offer less customisation than handmade fans. While it was once true, it's not anymore. Handmade fans do provide infinite customisation, but now, premade fans come in a vast variety of dimensions from 3D to 14D, curls, fan widths, wispy and spike lashes, and even coloured lashes. The sky's the limit! They can be mixed and matched to create a tailored look for each client. It’s important to consult with your client to find out which lash style suits them best. 

Customised sets created using Lash Jungle Premades

Premade fans, when used correctly, are essential for many lash artists today. They save time and effort, provide consistency as each fan looks exactly the same, and offer a variety of styling options. The key is to choose high-quality premade fans, ensure precise placement and application, and educate your clients about proper maintenance. Their effectiveness and the safety of the client’s lash health largely depend on the skill and knowledge of the lash professional using them. Want to learn more? Check out Lash Jungle Blog Posts to learn more about premade fans.