Maximise Lash Retention with Superbonder: FAQ Answered!

Lash Superbonder FAQ

It hasn’t been long since our Superbonder was introduced to the market, but it has already become a must-have item in every lash artist’s cart! Superbonder is specially designed for use in eyelash extension applications to enhance the performance of lash adhesives.

It's not an adhesive itself but a complementary product that offers amazing benefits for both lash technicians and clients, such as maximising lash retention, expediting the adhesive curing process, and reducing sensitivity caused by adhesive fumes. As one of the biggest lash supply brands in the world, we have sold 10,000 bottles since its launch and it has become a best-selling item. During this process, we have received many questions about how to use it. So here it is, to answer your questions! If you’re thinking about trying Superbonder, this is a must-read! 

1. How do I use Superbonder? 

Before the application: Squeeze a small drop of Superbonder onto a micro brush and apply it to the bottom 2-3mm of the lashes you'll be using or directly to the natural lashes. Allow the product to dry for a minute before starting the lashing process. This should help lashes attach more quickly. 

After the application: Dispense another drop of Superbonder onto a micro brush, removing any excess amount to prevent it from seeping into your client’s eyes. Gently apply it at the very bottom of the lashes where the adhesive was used. Your clients can open their eyes immediately after application. 

Lash Jungle Superbonder

2. Can I use it before and after the application?

Yes, Superbonder can be used both before and after the lash application. Applying it before helps in attaching lashes quicker, and using it after helps in curing the adhesive instantly, reducing sensitivity and irritation by stopping the glue fumes. 

Lash Jungle Superbonder

3. Do I still need to apply primer if I use Superbonder?

Yes, we recommend using a primer first, then applying Superbonder. If the natural lashes need to be cleaned first, we recommend giving them a lash bath using lash shampoo to make them completely clean from any dirt or makeup residue. After drying the lashes, you can skip the priming process and go straight to applying Superbonder.

4. How long do I have to wait until I start the application?

After applying Superbonder to the lashes or natural lashes, wait for it to dry for about a minute before starting the application, or use a mini drying fan to expedite the process. 

5. How much Superbonder do I use?

Use a tiny drop of Superbonder each time you apply it, both before and after the application. Ensure that you remove any excess amount when applying after the lash application to avoid any product getting into your client’s eyes.

    Lash Jungle’s Superbonder effectively maximises lash retention by up to 30%, while being designed to work with any professional lash adhesive on the market. The 15ml bottle will last you up to 200 applications, which makes it super cost-effective. Do you have more questions? Feel free to reach out to our customer support team for more information!