Lash Extension Styling Secrets - Customising for Unique Eye Shapes

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Do you have a ‘go-to’ Lash Map? Are you applying the same length, curl, and volume of fans to all your clients?
You're missing out on a huge opportunity! A one-size-fits-all approach won't work because everyone's eye shapes and natural lashes are unique. But don't worry; we're here to guide you through styling for various challenging eye shapes. Keep reading until the end!

1. Best Lash Extension Style for Small Eyes

Clients with small eyes often want to make their eyes look bigger for a balanced facial appearance. The Doll Eye Lash Map is perfect for this, as it emphasises the middle of the eye, creating the illusion of larger eyes. Opt for a slightly longer length, such as 9 to 12mm or 13mm, and a stronger curl like D. A medium-density volume lash set is ideal, as it tends to better correct and flatter the eye shape.

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2. Best Lash Extension Style for Down Turned Eyes

For downturned eyes, first identify where the droopiness begins. Use a flatter curl, like B or C, up to the droopiness point, then switch to C or D curls with slightly longer lashes. Transition smoothly by mixing curls and lengths in the middle, avoiding an abrupt shift to longer lashes. Most importantly, do not apply lashes at the very end of the eyes; extending lashes too far can accentuate the droopiness, which is generally unflattering.

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3. Best Lash Extension Style for Wide Set Eyes 

Avoid the cat-eye map for wide-set eyes, as it can make the eyes appear even wider. Instead, opt for either a Doll or Reverse Cat Eye map to enhance the eyes vertically, creating a balanced look. Use a stronger curl with slightly longer lashesall around.

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4. Best Lash Extension Style for Close Set Eyes

Contrary to wide-set eyes, with close-set eyes, the aim is to create an illusion of width, so you want to emphasise the outer corners, extending towards the ears. A Cat or Kitten Eye map is suitable, using softer curl lashes placed at the end.

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5. Best Lash Extension Style for Deep Set/Hooded Eyes

The most important consideration is to avoid strong curls. If the curl is too intense, the lash tips might curl back and touch the eyelid, causing discomfort to your client.

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6. Best Lash Extension Style for Round/Protruding Eyes

For round, large, or protruding eyes, adding horizontal length is key. A Cat Eye map is ideal. Use softer curls, like B and C, especially towards the ends for an elongated, feline-inspired appearance. 

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Lash Styling Blog, Protruding Eyes

Before we finish, remember to always consult with your clients, particularly new ones. Set aside at least 5 to 10 minutes to discuss their desired outcome. Examine their eye shape, how it balances with the rest of their face, and the condition of their natural lashes—whether they're straight, curly, upward, or downward-facing. Understand if they wish to enhance their eye shape or have specific concerns, such as wanting to make their eyes appear longer due to a narrow width. When you start offering different lash styles to each client, you’ll be amazed at how the final look can transform their entire face (especially with full volume lash sets).

One tip is to always ask clients what they want, instead of suggesting something first. If they express a concern and desire a specific style, even if it doesn't seem ideal, give them what they want. Ultimately, they need to be happy with the results. 

If you want to learn more about lash styling, refer to our blog post about Popular Lash Extension Curls  and How to Style Them. To find out more about lash mapping, our Top 3 Eyelash Extension Styles blog is also available, as well as How to Choose the Right Length of Premade Lash Fan. 

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