How to Properly Clean Lash Extensions - Pro Advice

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How to properly clean lash extensions

Why You Should Clean Lash Extensions

If they are not properly cleaned, your lash extensions can become caked with dust, pollen, makeup residue, dead skin cells, and oil over time. This will cause bacteria to start growing on your extensions, which could cause blepharitis or a serious eye infection.

So, washing your lashes regularly is very important. Plus, keeping them clean has actually been proven to extend their life. Who wouldn’t want to keep their lashes looking beautiful for as long as possible?

Why you should clean eyelash extensions

When to Clean Lash Extensions

It is recommended that you wash your lashes 12 to 24 hours after they have been applied. This will allow time for the newly applied lash adhesive to completely dry, and minimise the need for you to touch or rub the eye area.

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Use Superbonder after you finish applying lashes to instantly dry the adhesive! Our Superbonder is designed to expedite the curing process, so your clients can wet their lashes immediately after the treatment. It also reduces adhesive fumes and sensitivity for your client’s comfort.

Superbonder for eyelash extensions

How to Clean Lash Extensions

It is recommended that you clean your eyelash extensions at least every other day using a lash cleanser. Here’s our step-by-step guide on how to clean lash extensions:

  1. Pump the foaming cleanser onto a brush or your hand.
  2. Close one eye. Gently work the brush up and down along the lashes of that eye.
  3. Rinse thoroughly with water.
  4. Repeat the previous steps for the other eye, and pat dry.
  5. After they are fully dried, brush them gently - not from the base, but through the mid to end part - using a mascara wand. This will help your lashes stay clean, tidy, and always fluffy. 

Wearing heavy eye makeup is not recommended with lash extensions. If you do though, avoid using waterproof products, and use oil-free makeup removers only. Also, do not apply mascara on your lashes – it is extremely hard to get off.

Do not apply mascara with eyelash extensions

What can I use to wash my lash extensions? Is it okay to use baby shampoo?

Do not use a baby shampoo to clean your lashes, as most baby shampoos contain a harbor oil can affect lash retention. They are also not designed for use around the eye area, and as you know, the skin around the eyes can be very sensitive.

Only use a cleanser that has been specifically designed for eyelash extensions. This will safely remove oil, dirt, and makeup residue, and extend the life of your eyelash extensions.

Why you should clean your lash extensions

What should I avoid after getting eyelash extensions?

Things to avoid with eyelash extensions


Avoid using any products that contain oil. Oil-based products will weaken the bond between the extensions and your natural lashes, causing them to fall out prematurely.

Touching or rubbing your eyes and sleeping on your face will also cause poor retention.

For more details, read our Ultimate Lash Extensions After Care Guide.

Pro Tips for Lash Artists

  • Ensure your client’s lashes are clean before starting your application. When your client’s natural lashes are clean, the treatment time will be much shorter, as you won’t have to spend time removing dirt or makeup residue. (Who else has spent 30+ minutes trying to get rid of waterproof mascara?!) Plus, the attachment will be much easier on clean lashes.
  • As a lash professional, you should ensure that you always provide your clients with aftercare instructions, especially if they’re getting their lashes done for the first time.
  • Consider retailing aftercare products like lash cleansers, cleansing brushes, and lash spoolies at your salon. Not only they will help keep your client’s lashes nice and healthy and improve retention, but they will also provide an extra income stream for your business. It’s a win-win!

Clean eyelash extensions