Boost Your Lash Skills: 5 Ways to Use Eyelash Extension Tapes

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Lash taping hack

Do you have lash tapes in your cart? If not, you're missing out! Lash tapes are a must-have for every lash artist. Incorporating tape into your eyelash extension treatment can speed up the process and reduce lashing time significantly. Here's how to get the most out of them:

1. Secure the Bottom Lashes
2. Expose the Inner Corner
3. Change the Angle of Lashes
4. Layering
5. Reduce Twitching

Let's talk about these in more detail! 👇

1. Secure the Bottom Lashes

Ever finished a treatment only to find bottom lashes sticking to the upper ones? It's every lash artist's nightmare. Prevent this by securing the bottom lashes with both under-eye gel pads and lash tapes. To apply the under-eye pad correctly, ask your client to look up, and carefully place the pads on the lower lash line. Make sure they don't touch the eyeball. Use two or three pieces of lash tape to cover the remaining bottom lashes, including those tiny ones. After taping, have your client close their eyes and then adjust the pads and tapes slightly downward to prevent them from poking the eyeball. Ensure your client is comfortable, and watch for signs of discomfort, especially if they have twitchy eyes or are too animated during the appointment. Remember, our ultimate goal is to offer clients a relaxing experience and beautiful lashes.

2. Expose the Inner Corner

Struggling to reach those inner corner lashes? You're not alone! Lash tape is here to help. Stick the tape near the inner corner and pull it to the side to stretch the skin slightly and reveal those elusive lashes. This method makes isolation and application much easier. Be gentle, though; the inner corner's skin is sensitive. When removing the tape, pull it horizontally to minimise discomfort.

Lash inner corner

3. Change the Angle of Lashes

Applying lash tape to the eyelid skin and lifting it slightly can help elevate the natural lashes, providing a clearer view of the lash line and simplifying the extension application process. This technique is especially helpful for clients with saggy eyelids, hooded eyes, or downward-growing natural lashes. Always ensure the client's eyes are fully closed to prevent any possibility of a chemical burn from glue fumes.

Lash taping method

4. Layering

Did you know lashes grow in several layers? Tape can be used for layering to speed up the application process. However, be sure to reduce the tape's stickiness on a sanitised hand before use to avoid pulling off the extensions upon removal. 

5. Reduce Twitching Eyes

Lash tape can also minimise twitching eyes. Clients new to lash extensions, those who've consumed too much caffeine before their appointment, or those under significant stress might experience twitchy eyes. But don't fret! Simply cover the lid with tape, applying the right amount of pressure. If needed, place a sanitised coin on it to add some weight and soothe the eyelid. Complement this with relaxing music and encourage your clients to nap if they wish. With these methods, twitching should decrease over time. 

Type of Eyelash Extension Tapes

At Lash Jungle, we offer three distinct eyelash extension tapes tailored to your preferences: 3M Micropore tape, Clear PE tapes, and Nichiban tapes. 

  • 3M Micropore Tapes: Our best sellers, these tapes are soft, flexible, hypoallergenic, latex-free, and very user-friendly. 
  • Clear PE Tapes: Gentle on the skin and easily torn by hand. Plus, being 100% lint-free means your tweezers or brushes won't get stuck. 
  • Nichiban Tape: Recognisable by its bright white colour, this tape enhances visibility under any lighting. It's gentle on the skin and ensures pain-free removal. If you're unsure which tape is right for you, try one of each; we offer the option to purchase single rolls.