5 Tips to Grow Your Lash Business with Instagram

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how to grow lash business

The main customers of lash extensions are females in their 20's to 40's.
Where do you think you'll find them? INSTAGRAM!

Chances are that Instagram is somewhere your potential client hangs out all the time, which is why it’s so important for lash artists and businesses to have their own Instagram accounts.

The biggest thing is to put a lot of effort into making your feed look nice and professional, because your Instagram is basically your portfolio, after all. But with so many other lash businesses on Instagram, it can sometimes be hard to stand out from all that competition, even when you think you’re doing all the right things.

Here are a few tips and tricks to get you started, and make sure that you keep getting new clients through Instagram!

5 Tips to Growing Your Lash Business with Instagram:

  1. Optimise your bio
  2. Post consistently & plan ahead
  3. Experiment with different content types 
  4. Use relevant hashtags
  5. Interact with other accounts
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Optimise your bio

Your bio is like your homepage – it’s where you will make your first impression. Making the most of those 150 characters is crucial, to ensure your potential clients instantly know what you do. Consider including your salon or home setup location, the services you offer, a link to your website or booking page (if you have one), as well as your contact details.

Post consistently & plan ahead

Aim to post once a day if possible. Instagram’s algorithm highlights more active accounts on a user’s feed, so keeping your posting schedule frequent will help to increase your engagement and visibility to potential clients. But remember, quality over quantity! Don't post low quality or ‘off brand’ photos or other content purely for the sake of keeping it 'daily'. Instead, plan ahead using a free scheduling app like Facebook Creator Studio, which allows you to come up with engaging new content well in advance. 


Facebook creator studioSource: K6 Agency

Experiment with different content types

When you look at your feed, do all your photos look the same? For example, do you find yourself using the same angle for every photo? As much as it’s important to have some sort of theme for an aesthetic feed, your clients and the Instagram algorithm prefer to see unique and exciting content. Come up with ideas for ‘not-so-usual’ posts, such as:

  • Before & after photos (people love to see dramatic transformations!)

  • Client testimonials that tell the world how over the moon your clients are with your service

Lash Jungle client testimonials, Lash Jungle customer review, lash business customer review template
  • Expert lash tips to educate your clients (for example, ‘how to wash your lashes’ or ‘what you need to know about lash styling’)

  • Behind the scenes videos (what really goes on when your clients are taking their lash nap!)

There are so many apps out there to assist in content creation, meaning it’s never been easier to create professional looking content for your business, without the need to hire a graphic designer. Some of our favourites are listed below. Warning: They’re super fun to play with!

  • Canva: Create beautiful social media graphics in a second by choosing from millions of pre-made templates, then customising the text and colours

Canva app for lash artists, top app for lash artists

Source: Canva

  • Facetune: Smooth skin, remove blemishes, and draw focus to any area of your photo that you want potential clients to see

Facetune app for lash artists, photo editing app for lash artists, top apps for lash artists

Source: CNET

  • Layout: Create before and after photos quickly and with ease

Layout app for lash artists, photo editing app for lash artists, top apps for lash artists

Source: Hootsuite


  • Quik: Make incredible looking short videos (such as giveaways or behind the scenes looks) with just a few clicks by either starting from scratch or using one of the pre-set templates
    Quik app for lash artists, video editing app for lash artists, top apps for lash artists

    Source: Quik

    Once you start experimenting with and posting different types of content, you will soon start to notice which ones perform the best. You can do this by checking the View Insights section of Instagram.

    Then, focus on creating more similar content, because that’s what your clients want to see more of.

    Lash Jungle Instagram feed, Lash Jungle Instagram account 

    Research and use relevant hashtags

    This tip’s an oldie but a goodie – use hashtags! This is one of the biggest things that will help potential clients find your business.

    Some examples of lash-related hashtags include:

    • #lashextensions
    • #lashes
    • #fakelashes

    Another tip is to use hashtags relevant to your location. For example:

    • #melbournelashes
    • #melbournelashextensions
    • #brisbanelashes
    • #sydneylashes

    It’s also worth taking a peek at which hashtags your local competitors are using – particularly those with a strong following. That way, you can find out which hashtags are generating the most engagement, and start using these in your posts.

    Hashtags for Lash businesses, hashtags for lash Instagram account, melbournelashes

    Interact with relevant accounts

    Instagram is all about connecting with others, so use the opportunity to connect with other like-minded accounts. You might reach out to hair salons or nail shops nearby, and offer to refer their business to your clientele if they do the same. 

    Alternatively, you might collaborate to run a giveaway contest (such as a ‘Valentine’s Day Makeover Giveaway’ or ‘Mother’s Day Pamper Giveaway’), which will also help to reach those additional potential clients.

    Also, if you have a particular lash supplier that you really love, tag them! Doing so not only shows your clients that you’re using the best products on them, but also opens up the opportunity for the supplier to feature your work on their feed, which is another way to get your Instagram account in front of more potential clients.


    If you’re using Lash Jungle PRO products, we love sharing your great work with other lash artists! Remember to tag us @lash_jungle.

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