10 Reasons Why You Should Use Premade Fans

Here it is. Premades have always been the hot topic among lash artists, whether you should use premade fans or not. 🔥 Even though there have been a lot of (heated) discussions about it, the lash industry keeps leaning towards premade fans. A lot of reputable lash brands have also now been launching their product lines for premade lashes.

It has been quite a long time ever since ‘premade fans’ were first introduced to the market, and the premade fans of 2020 are very different from those ones that some lash artists remember.

Now, they’ve evolved so much with the latest technology. There are just so many types and dimensions (from 3D to 20D!) and diameters (0.03 to 0.10) and all these are available on the market. And some of them look almost equivalent to the handmade fans, (are actually, even more perfect, showing off that perfect symmetry & spacing between lashes) and attract every lash artist to try premade fans themselves.

premade fans Australia 8D

< 8D 0.05 Premade Fans>

But why exactly do people use premade lashes? What are the benefits and what’s with all the hype?

Here are 10 reasons why you should give it a go, for yours and your clients’ sake.


Premade fans are great for clients:

  • Who have very busy schedules and do not have time to spend 2-3 hours for eyelash extensions
  • Who cannot lie down for a long time (people with bad back or other medical conditions)
  • Who wants a dramatic volume but don’t have anyone nearby who offer hand-made volume lashes

These first 3 reasons are actually for happy clients.

As you know, there are those clients who are always busy and cannot spare 2 or 3hours for a full set, but still want full volume right?

Or, some clients who literally cannot stop moving during the application (making you crazy as well! ;() ; this may be because of their bad back or just because they can’t simply stand lying down for so long.

How about those who live remotely and have only few lash technicians nearby but they only offer classic lashes - there’s just no way to travel 2 hours to get lashes!

Premade fans can meet these needs, making your clients happy and returning!😊


Premade fans are great for lash artists who …

  • Who are not trained in volume yet but want to offer volume lashes to clients
  • Who are trained in volume but take too long during application time
  • Who want to have perfect symmetrical fans and clean results
  • Who want to cut down lashing time
  • Who want to attract more clients and increase their income
  • Who want to create different lash looks from hybrid to mega volume
  • Who want to offer more luxurious service, charging more per client

Happy clients are all nice and super, but what about for yourself? Using premade fans will completely change everything about your lash business.

First of all, if you’re still beginner only trained in classic lashes, then thinking about adding volume lashes to the menu would be the next best step. The way premade lashes are applied to natural lashes are quite similar to you apply classic ones; as the fans are already ready-to-use, their bases are tightly bonded.

Please note that you still need a bit of practice on how to pick them up and apply etc. But basically, you wouldn’t need an in-depth training or sacrifice a long time like you need for volume lash techniques.

The long stem & mid stem fans by Lash Jungle are also very beginner-friendly as their bases are long, looking similar to classic lashes and are super easy to pick-up and apply.

How about those who have taken volume lashing class but are taking forever to complete a set? Volume lashing is almost like an art, and can be very hard to perfect skills. That’s why a lot of lash artist put in their blood, sweat, and tears in order to create those perfect, full looking volume sets. Some days, creating volume is somewhat extra-hard, depending on your condition or, whatever the unknown reason is! It can make be very frustrating. 😱😱

Using premade fans that are already fanned are just like a life saver for struggling technicians.

Now, the latest technology allows premade fans to have an almost perfectly-gapped, spaced, symmetrical shape with a tiny base. You can now create those picture-perfect volume sets you’ve been seeing on Instagram. #lashgoals 📷

 premade lash fans Australia

With premade fans, you can easily create different looks from hybrid to mega volume sets. The good thing about having so many options in terms of dimensions and diameter is that you can now customise your lashes however you want, without compromising the health of your clients’ natural lashes.

It’s strongly recommended that you use two different types at least, for short and weak baby lashes (Anagen) and average or stronger, tall lashes (Catagen & Telogen); and by using 3D to 15D lashes, create soft & fluffy looks or glamourous and dense mega volume looks - Or even create a wispy Kim K style, mixing premade fans with classic or flat lashes! It’s really all up to you and how far your creativity takes you!

premade fans australia

Lastly, it’s all about growing your business. Now that volume lashes are super popular everywhere, you’ll face limitations of clients base if you have only been offering classic lashes. By starting to  offer volume lashes, you can increase the price per client significantly whilst cutting down application time.

One thing to keep in mind before you go is, as there are so many different types of premade fans, it’s very important to do in-depth research before you go all-in when choosing a supplier.

Ensure that your supplier has a lot of variation to cover you & your clients’ needs, and if the quality of lashes they offer are consistent.

At Lash Jungle PRO, we offer three types of premade fans-Short, Mid & Long Stem), from 3D to 15D and in 0.03 to 0.10mm diameters. They are all made of the highest quality Korean PBT material, and all lashes are very easy to work with, without falling apart when removing from strips. Their thin & pointy bases will help you achieve the best retention possible.✅

Why don’t you try one for yourself today? We bet it’ll change your lash game completely!

The Lash Jungle Team xx