Retention Maximiser Pack by Lash Jungle
Retention Maximiser Pack by Lash Jungle
Retention Maximiser Pack by Lash Jungle
Retention Maximiser Pack by Lash Jungle
Retention Maximiser Pack by Lash Jungle
Retention Maximiser Pack by Lash Jungle
Retention Maximiser Pack by Lash Jungle

Retention Maximiser Pack

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Are you tired of struggling with lash retention? Look no further than Lash Jungle's new bundle, featuring our hottest products designed to help you achieve maximum retention. This bundle includes three fast-setting adhesives and Superbonder, which not only improves retention but also reduces fumes.

But before you jump in, we want to make sure you're ready. This bundle is recommended for advanced lash artists who can complete a full set in 1.5 hours or less. If you're still building your skills, we recommend trying our SMART adhesive or Lady Black Glue instead. Tip: take our adhesive quiz to find the perfect match for your lashing speed and environment!

This unique product maximises lash retention by up to 30% and reduces irritation and sensitivity by curing the adhesive instantly. Plus, if Superbonder is applied before the application directly onto natural lashes (note: ensure you only use a tiny amount so it doesn’t seep into the eyes), the adhesive will attach instantly like a magnet, which will dramatically reduce the lash application time. To find out more about ‘how to use’, check out the Superbonder page.

The Ultimate Adhesive is the newest addition to the Lash Jungle liquid range, specifically designed for advanced lash artists looking for an adhesive that's even stronger and faster. This adhesive offers the fastest curing time of 0.5 seconds and is ideal for artists who normally complete a full classic or volume set using premade fans or promade fans within 1 to 1.5 hours. When used correctly, it offers the highest retention rate of up to 9 weeks.

Extreme adhesive is also recommended for those advanced lash artists whose lash application is on point. It offers 1 second of fast-drying time and has quickly become one of our most popular adhesives. It offers a very strong bond and retention up to 8 weeks. This glue is amazing for those who feel Rapid adhesive is a bit too slow for their lashing speed, but aren't ready for the Ultimate adhesive just yet.

The Rapid Adhesive has been sold over 10,000 bottles since the launch in Australia and is an absolute bestseller. Using the highest quality cyanoacrylate on the market, it is ideal for those who are trying fast-setting glue for the first time. Recommended for lash artists who are between an intermediate and advanced level.

Don't miss out on this chance to up your retention game and stand out from the competition. Join 30,000+ happy lash artists and shop the bundle today! 

Disclaimer: For professional use only. Do not apply to your own lashes. Lash Jungle is not liable for any misuse of our eyelash extension adhesives.

🙋 Got any questions? Contact our support team for more info!

Lash adhesive finder quiz


  • Check the temperature and humidity in your room using a hygrometer to make sure it’s always in the recommended range. Use a dehumidifier, humidifier, air conditioner, heater or fan to control the temperature and humidity as needed.
  • Store upright (ideally in a lash glue container) in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Store separately from your primers.
  • Use within four weeks after opening the bottle. You can track that time by marking the bottle with the date that you opened it.
  • Shake well for at least 30 seconds or with an electric glue mixer before use.
  • Use lint-free nozzle wipes to clean the nozzle after each use to prevent blockage.
  • There should be no oil build-up or makeup residue on your client’s natural lashes. If necessary, give them a thorough lash bath.
  • Ensure your glue is fresh (i.e. opened within the last 4 weeks) and always store it in a cool, dry place away from sunlight. If the glue goes bad it will take on a stringy appearance and will not adhere well to your client’s lashes.
  • Increase or decrease the temperature and humidity in order to control the drying time. If the glue is drying too slowly, raise the temperature to speed up the curing process. If it’s drying too fast, lower the temperature.
  • Dispense a fresh drop of adhesive every 15 – 20 minutes during the application.
  • Be sure to get the proper base attachment, at least 2mm, without any gaps between natural lash and extension.
  • Ensure you use the right amount of glue. Too little will result in poor retention, too much can cause the lashes to stick to each other. Use a small bead of adhesive for classic lashes. When using premade lashes, dip only the bottom 2mm of the fan in the adhesive.

All Lash Jungle PRO adhesives are packed in a perfectly sealed package with silica gel inside, so they are guaranteed to be in the best condition. Plus, we import small batches weekly directly from the manufacturer with the manufactured date on the bottom of every bottle. Also, all orders are shipped with express post which guarantees that you’ll receive only the freshest bottles within 1-3 business days.*

*Applies to domestic (AUS) orders. Shipping timeframe is estimated only.

When will my order be shipped?

If you place an order before the cut-off time (12pm AEST), it will be processed and shipped that same day. Otherwise, your order will be shipped the next business day. We ship orders from Monday to Friday (excluding VIC public holidays) from our warehouse in Melbourne.

How long will my shipment take to arrive?

Domestic orders (AUS) are shipped via express post and typically take 1-3 business days to arrive.

PLEASE NOTE: The time frames above are estimates only. There may be unexpected delays.

For international orders, please click here for more details.

How can I track my order?

Tracking will be provided for all orders, you will be sent an email once your order is dispatched so you can see where it is at all times.

Do you offer a store pickup?

Unfortunately, we do not offer pick-up at this time.

Please visit our shipping policy page to learn more.

Customer Reviews

Based on 102 reviews
H.E. (Sydney)
Best set up

Crazy glue!!!! Drying so fast and like magnetic

TLbeautybar (Tannum Sands)

Different options to suit you! Absolutely love this trio.

Naomi Smith (Sydney)
Everything for the new lash technician!

Thank you so much ♥️ such amazing products at an affordable price, I started my new lash business and looked around for a while till I found you guys! Every set is freaking amazing, your tips that you have on the page is like a bible to me. Thank you for your fast delivery, premium products and just consistency all round. Xx
Photo of my second set I’ve ever done, pretty sure it’s your products that made it look that good 😆 full volume whispy set

Cory-lee (Townsville)
Amazing product

I have only just started using lash jungle glue, but it has helped my sets look amazing so easy to use

K.M. (Sydney)
Smart adhesive

I absolutely love this glue, it is such high quality, no irritation from fumes and so easy to work with!!

Claudia B. (Canberra)
In love with Lash Jungle!!

I love everything from Lash Jungle! All of the products are such high quality and was made/ package with love and care. The best Premade fans and glue I have ever used. Lash Jungle is amazing I can’t say it enough, highly recommended 💕💕

Kaya R.

Easy to work with, fast curing. No irritation with fumes. Love the adhesive & lashes

Caitlain T.

Really great Adhesive✨

Madeleine Y.

Obsessed with the Rapid Adhesive, clients retention has never been better

h (Brisbane)
Great Value

This trio is great for when you have multiple artists who work at different speeds. Great value.