Eyelash extension client intake form digital downloadable
Essential Forms Bundle for Eyelash Extension - Digital Download
Essential Forms Bundle for Eyelash Extension - Digital Download

Essential Forms Bundle for Eyelash Extension - Digital Download

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As a beginner lash artist, it's important to have forms in place to ensure you're gathering all the necessary information from your clients and providing them with the best possible service.

What's included in this essential form download:

1. Eyelash extension client intake form
2. Eyelash extension consultation & record keeping form
3. Eyelash extension aftercare cards

EVERYTHING included from the basic bundle, plus
4. Weekly appointments sheet
5. Income sheet
6. Eyelash extensions FAQ sheet
7. 7x Loyalty cards

You'll be able to download these files as soon as the purchase is made. Simply choose the colour scheme or design you want and print out as many as you need! All forms are available in both colour and greyscale.
Please note that this is a digital download, PDF files only, no physical products will be delivered. You will receive an email immediately after placing an order that contains a link to download the file. Please also check your spam box.

1. Eyelash extension client intake form
Use this form to collect basic information from your clients and confirm if they are suitable candidates for lash extensions.
This form can also help with your marketing efforts by allowing you to track your client's demographics and where they heard about your business.

2. Eyelash extension consultation & record keeping form

This consultation form has everything you need to have a thorough discussion with your clients about their desired lash style. We recommend setting aside at least 5-10 minutes before service, especially for first-time clients, to decide on the exact lash style that will be applied. This will help you and your clients understand the results better and ensure that you deliver the most beautiful lash set possible. Clients who have never experienced this level of consultation before will appreciate your professionalism and may become regular customers. If you want more information about lash styling, top 3 eyelash extensions styles and eyelash extension diameter guide, and how to choose the correct length of lash extensions blog posts.

3. Eyelash extension aftercare cards
Handout these cards to remind your clients about proper lash aftercare! Emphasising the importance of care will help to extend the life of the lashes to keep them clean and healthy.

4. Weekly appointments sheet
Useful to manage your schedule, avoid double-booking, and keep track of client booking history.

5. Income sheet
Track and monitor the income generated by your lash business. Track how much money is coming in each day, record the service type, and clients' name, and set your income goals accordingly.

6. Eyelash extension FAQ sheet
We created this sheet for you to provide accurate and consistent information to clients, answer common questions, and concerns, and provide a more professional service experience.

7. Loyalty cards
Don't have loyalty cards? Don't worry, we prepared 7 designs, so all you need to do is choose your favourite design and print it out. It will increase repeat business and customer loyalty. Remember, keeping regular clients is much easier than getting new ones!

** Please note that the forms provided are for general informational purposes only and do not constitute as legal advice. It is recommended that you consult with a legal representative to ensure that they are suitable for your business.

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When I try to print them it’s a struggle and come out extremely large or just don’t look good

Hi Britany,

Thank you for taking the time to leave a review on our Essential Forms Bundle.

We're sorry to hear that you're not satisfied with this product. Please be assured that we haven't received this type of feedback before. Our customers don't usually have any trouble printing these files, as they are supplied as accessible PDF files.

If your files are printing out too large, we recommend adjusting your printing settings to 'scale to fit'.

If you require any further assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to us via email.

Thank you,
Lash Jungle Team

D.W. (Melbourne)
Super convenient

These are essentials!

Raquel P.H (Adelaide)
Essential Forms extended bundle!

These are amazing for any business. Adding that extra touch of professionalism. Great way to keep record too. Plus the aftercare instructions and loyalty cards have been a hit with my clients x

Ash Glover (Perth)

Essential Forms Bundle for Eyelash Extension - Digital Download

b. (Adelaide)
worth the money

these are amazing and easy to download and access, save so much time using these

Koheila Burke-Court (Brisbane)
Lash Jungle Bundle

Very helpful & useful!!

Bruna Sugar (Melbourne)

Essential Forms Bundle for Eyelash Extension - Digital Download

A.S. (London)

love this product so worth it definitely try it!!

Louisa Caruso

Essential Forms Bundle for Eyelash Extension - Digital Download


So so helpful!! Easy to follow and presented nicely!