RefectoCil Premium Brow & Eyelash Tints

RefectoCil is the world’s market leader in eyebrow and eyelash tinting, represented in over 70 countries. For more than 90 years, RefectoCil lash and brow tints have been proven and recognised as a leading product in the beauty industry, with millions of successful applications. At Lash Jungle, you’ll find all the RefectoCil products you need to elevate your lash and brow styling!

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Discover Our Best-Selling RefectoCil Eyebrow Tint Range 

Renowned for its quality, RefectoCil lash and brow tints deliver vibrant and enduring colour that lasts up to 6 weeks. This eyebrow tint is ideal for those who wish to enhance the natural colour of their lashes and brows or to cover grey or white hairs. RefectoCil brow tint is available in 9 shades: pure black, blue black, natural brown, chestnut, graphite, deep blue, light brown, red, and blonde. 

Explore the Versatility of RefectoCil Brow Tint

One of the main benefits of RefectoCil eyebrow tint lies in its versatility – it is designed to match your clients’ needs and preferences. With RefectoCil, the possibilities are limitless. You can blend any base shade to precisely match every skin type and hair colour. Here are some tips for creating custom-coloured brows! 

  • For those with cool skin tones: combine RefectoCil #1.1 graphite with your chosen RefectoCil tint in equal parts (1:1 ratio). This blend will result in cool, subtly ashy undertones, enhancing the cool colour characteristics of your clients.
  • To create warm undertones: add a tiny quantity of RefectoCil #4.1 red to the RefectoCil eyebrow and eyelash tint you're using. It's important to use just a pinhead-sized amount, as any more can lead to excessively red brows.
  • Mix RefectoCil Deep Blue #2.1 and Red #4.1 together to create a gorgeous purple tint to accentuate green and hazel eyes.
  • Add RefectoCil Black #1 to Natural Brown #3 for a dark brunette shade or Black to Blue Black #2 for even darker lashes. 

Why Choose RefectoCil for Your Brow and Lash Needs?

RefectoCil stands out in the beauty industry as a top choice by beauty professionals for enhancing the natural beauty of one’s lashes and eyebrows. Here’s why RefectoCil should be your go-to for lash and brow tinting: 

  • Long-lasting results: These tints are perfect for clients seeking a long-lasting solution, as they can maintain their colour and vibrancy for up to 6 weeks. 
  • Extensive customisable colour palette: With a spectrum of 9 different shades ranging from natural blonde to the deepest black, RefectoCil caters to a diverse clientele. These shades can be mixed to create custom colours, offering limitless possibilities to match and enhance your natural beauty perfectly. 
  • Ease of application and removal: The creamy consistency of RefectoCil tints is specially designed to prevent dripping, ensuring a neat application and even coverage. This user-friendly nature makes the tints easy to apply and remove. 
  • Gentle and safe for sensitive areas: The tints require a developer like hydrogen peroxide or cream oxidant to activate the colour, yet they are gentle enough for use around the sensitive eye area. This makes them suitable for clients with different skin types, including those with sensitive skin.

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RefectoCil Oxidant Liquid is designed to activate RefectoCil lash and brow tints. It is formulated with 3% (10 volume) peroxide. It ensures brilliant colour results and is safe to use in the sensitive eye area.

No. All RefectoCil brow tints need to be mixed with either liquid or cream oxidant.

The recommended time to leave RefectoCil on eyebrows typically ranges from 5 to 10 minutes, depending on the desired intensity of the colour.

1. Clean & prepare: ensure the eyebrows are clean, oil-free, and dry. You can use RefectoCil Micellar Eye Make-Up Remover or saline solution.  

2. Mix & apply: immediately before tinting, mix 2 cm of tint with 10 drops of RefectoCil Oxidant Liquid or 15-20 drops of RefectoCil Oxidant Cream to form a creamy paste. Then, apply to brows and lashes.  

3. Application time:
Lashes: 10 minutes.
Brows: 5-10 minutes.  

4. Final step: remove the tint using cotton wool pads and water. 

Mix 2 cm of tint in the ratio 1:1 with Oxidant Cream or 10 drops of Oxidant Liquid.