Lash Adhesive 101: Everything You Need to Know About Eyelash Extension Glue

10 minute read

What is the main ingredient for any lash glue or adhesive? Cyanoacrylate is!
In fact, it is actually the main ingredient in all super glues! Although, it's important to note that the type of cyanoacrylate that's used in lash adhesive and super glues are different. Depending on what the glue is used for, it’ll have a different percentage of cyanoacrylate in the formula. In the matter of eyelash extension adhesive, no matter if it is clear lash glue or black adhesive, it still has some cyanoacrylate in the ingredient list. Understanding Ingredients, shelf life, storage, and everything else you need to know to keep your glue at its optimum for the best glue yet!

Here are some things to look out for, when caring for your glue

1. How long does lash glue last? How should lash glue be stored?
2. What is the best glue for lash extensions?
3. Check the manufacture date
4. Don't bulk buy lash glue
5. When to replace your lash glue

How long does lash glues last? How should lash glue be stored?

It can be really confusing to know how long a lash glue should last. Many lash suppliers have different expiry dates. A general rule we like to follow is:

  • Shelf life (6 months unopened)
  • Opened bottle life (4 weeks)

Lash adhesives generally have a short shelf life once opened. Once the glue bottle is opened, it is exposed to moisture from the air which will start to cure the glue. So, it is important to store your glue correctly, in an air-tight container, in a cool, dark environment and away from direct sunlight. Don’t forget to keep some silica gel packs inside the air-tight container to eliminate any moisture that gets trapped inside. Once opened the adhesive has a life of about 4 weeks, even if stored in the correct environment. If not stored or closed correctly, open glue can dry out and become less effective, it can also release fumes and react to the moisture around its environment and can leave a white foggy residue.

We know that sometimes it can be hard to pass up a good deal when you see one! Just remember, when you are purchasing spare bottles of adhesive and need to store it, you can leave it in its original packaging and store it out of direct sunlight. 

What is the best glue for lash extensions?

There are many different types of adhesives out in the market. Eyelash extension glues are targeted at different lash artist levels, glue cure times and viscosities of glue. Most glue cure times will range from 1-4 seconds, depending on the speed you lash at and your lashing environment, you’ll have to choose accordingly.

Here at Lash Jungle we have a few glues to choose from to suit your needs. 

Lash Jungle glue comparison chart

Lash Jungle Smart adhesive is for our beginner lash techs. This lash adhesive has a curing time of 2-4 seconds, perfect for those that need extra time to adjust the angle of the placement, or reattach if the extension isn’t in full contact at the base. It has a medium viscosity, so the glue dome shouldn’t spill out of shape. 

Our most popular for intermediate - advanced lash artists gravitate towards our Rapid adhesive, with a curing time of 1-1.5 seconds, it’s just enough time to adjust lash extensions and redirect them when required.

With a cure time of 1 second, Lash Jungle’s Extreme adhesive is for the more advanced lash artists that have quick steady hand application. It can be a runnier consistency but will still retain its shape!

For the super speedy lash artists, we have our new, faster drying, stronger hold Ultimate adhesive! Our Ultimate adhesive cures in 0.5-1 second for the pros of the pros. Which means you'll get through those full sets in no time!

Lastly, we have a Clear adhesive that can be used for anything related to eyelash extensions! Clear adhesive is usually used for clients that have a sensitivity or allergy to the black colour pigment from other black glues. It can be used for coloured lashes or attaching lash decals. It is also good to note that our clear glue has a fast setting time of 1-2 seconds, so it may not be suitable for beginner lash artists.

Still unsure? Why not take our Glue Quiz to see which is best suited for you! 

Check the Manufacture Date

How can you tell if your glue is past its shelf life? Most, if not all bottles of glue will have the manufacture date of when it was first produced. To find out when your glue was produced, just look on the bottom or back of the glue bottle or the back of the pouch packaging. At Lash Jungle, we don’t sell any glue if it is older than two months after production date. We do this because we strongly recommend and advise to use the freshest glue.

The fresher the glue, the longer you can use it. Store your glue in an airtight container, clean the glue nozzle after each use and close the lid tightly in between each use!

If you have an opened bottle of glue, it’s best to always place a piece of tape on the glue and write down the date that it was opened. This is an easy way to track how long it has been open for. 

Don’t bulk buy lash glue

As tempting as it is to save money and buy the special bundles and deals for lash glues, if you don’t use them quick enough they could go off even without it being opened. As mentioned in the blog, unopened glues have a shelf life of 6 months, even if kept in the correct conditions. Once you open it, the glue may not be at its optimum usage. 

The only time where you may be able to get away with buying lash adhesive in bulk is if you work in a salon with other lash artists. It is best to have one glue bottle per lash artist and at least two or three spares for that lash artist too.

If you’re a part-time lash artist (lashing a couple days throughout the week, not always booked) it’s best to buy lash adhesives as you need it. You don’t want to buy all this glue and stock, just to have to store it for the next 3 months because you aren’t using it as quickly as you’d hoped. Once you start booking-in more clients, that’s when you should buy more. Keep the glue as fresh as you can!

If you’re a full-time lash artist, or about to be full-time, it’s best to keep one or two adhesives set aside for when you run out. Some days you may need to use more glue than others, which will in turn, run out of glue faster. Or if you accidentally get a bad batch (unfortunately, it can happen), you’ll still have another backup as spare. Then that way, you can inform your supplier, send any photos or videos if they request it, and order more fresh glue for your salon.

When to replace your lash glue

How can you tell your glue has gone funny? With eyelash extension glue, you’ll only be able to notice any changes, once you drop out some glue. If the glue is not its usual consistency ie; is stringy, thicker viscosity, separation of ingredients or smells really strong of glue fumes, it's time to change. Discard the old bottle and open a new one. Remember to note down the opening date.

Also, if your glue has dried from the inside of the nozzle and nothing is coming out, try changing the nozzle with a spare nozzle and nozzle opener. Sometimes it can just be the product that is stuck inside the nozzle that appears stringy and has come in most contact with moisture. If after changing the nozzle does not prove any better result, it's time to change out your glue.

We hope that this blog has been helpful in knowing all about your lash glue. Lash glues can be quite sensitive, they need the right restful conditions, (in an air-tight container, a cool dark environment and away from direct sunlight) and even better working conditions (lash room temperature and humidity).