How to Maximise Your Profit During the Busiest Season – Tips for Your Lash Biz

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As a lash artist, the festive season presents an incredible opportunity to boost your income and grow your business. Here are some strategies to ensure you make the most of this busy time.

1. Stock up on lash supplies

The holiday rush means higher demand for your services. Ensure you have enough lash supplies, especially popular lengths like 10mm or 11mm lashes and lash adhesives. Running out of these items can be a nightmare. Always place an order ahead of time, as online shopping peaks during this period, leading to potential shipping delays. Also, take advantage of sales to stock up early and save money. 

2. Encourage Regulars to Pre-Book Lash Infills

Your loyal clients are your backbone, especially during and after the holiday season. Encourage them to book their infill appointments for the entire month. This not only secures your schedule but also shows your commitment to their needs. 

3. Implement Booking Deposits

To minimise cancellations and late arrivals, which can disrupt your schedule and affect revenue, consider taking booking deposits. Utilise booking software such as Fresha or Timely to streamline this process. Have clear policies, such as cancellation windows and late arrival rules, to reduce last-minute changes. 

4. Introduce Festive 'Add-Ons'

Spice up your lash menu with seasonal add-ons. Offer colourful lashes, a wispy volume effect using premade spike or wispy premade fans, for a festive and dramatic look. This not only increases revenue but also gives your clients unique styles they can't find elsewhere. 

5. Hire Additional Help

If you've been operating solo, consider hiring another lash artist for the season. This can help manage the increased workload and potentially pave the way for expanding your business. 

6. Enhance Your Marketing Efforts

Start posting more and put more effort into your social media to promote your holiday specials and booking availability. Share before-and-after photos of gorgeous lash sets to attract new clients. 

7. Offer Holiday Packages or Discounts

Create special holiday packages or offer discounts for multiple services. In the package, you can offer aftercare products such as lash growth serum, lash cleanser, mascara wands, or a mini drying fan to retail to your clients. This not only creates extra income but also helps your clients take better care of their lashes. If you offer extra services like brow tinting, sell it with the lash service as a package. Selling gift cards is also a good idea. 

8. Plan for Post-Holiday Business

After the holidays, consider offering deals or incentives to encourage clients to return during the quieter months. 

By implementing these strategies, you can significantly boost your income during the holiday season and set a strong foundation for your business's future growth.

Remember, preparation and exceptional service are key to leveraging the festive season's potential. 

The Lash Jungle Team