5 Summer Care Tips for Lash Extensions

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Summer aftercare tips for eyelash extensions

Summer is the time to go out more, spend hours laying on the sandy beach, pool parties, Christmas arvo BBQ, and just spending some good old time out in the sun (not a lot can be said about the typical Melbourne weather; 4-seasons in one day ☀️🍁⛈🌺 )!
As always, the usual aftercare is needed for your extensions to maintain the set and help with retention, but there are some other precautions that should also be considered around the summertime that will help extend the life of your clients lashes.

Here are some handy tips to keep in mind for those hot summer days:

  1. Wash lashes after every swim
  2. Use oil-free sunscreen
  3. Avoid extreme heat
  4. Book infills more frequently
  5. Avoid spray tanning directly on your face

Summer lash aftercare tips

Wash lashes after every swim

Who doesn’t love a good swim on a hot summer day? It’s one of the most satisfying things to do to escape the heat! Although swimming and dunking your head in water can be super satisfying, swimming in salt water, chlorinated pools etc, can result in crusty lashes from the salt crystals, and can cause lashes to fall out prematurely. Remind you clients that their lashes must be washed after every swim – rinse lashes with clean water and pat lashes of excess water dry. This is the perfect time to upsell our foaming lash cleanser

Foaming lash cleanser

Because of the hotter temperatures, our bodies will produce more oils and sweat, which can lead to dust and debris sticking in the lashes. It is best to cleanse lashes with our foaming lash cleanser to keep them squeaky clean all summer long. 

Remember, tell your clients to always pat excess water with a towel/ paper towel etc, and fan dry at the end whilst brushing to get the lashes back into its original position. Rubbing lashes with any material can tug and pull on the extensions and leave little fibres, which will hurt the natural lashes. Ouch! It can also cause the lash extensions to criss-cross over each other in an unnatural way. It could even damage or break the natural lash if you’re too rough when rubbing the lashes. 

Use oil-free sunscreen 

We firmly believe in using sunscreen everyday! Even if the sun isn’t shining, UVA and UVB rays can still penetrate the skin. When applying sunscreen, it’s best to use an oil-free sunscreen to avoid adding extra oils on the face. Also, take extra care to not apply directly on the eye area, but be sure to spread sunscreen to those areas to still be safe. 

Avoid extreme heat

Although we love nothing better than to bask in the summer sun, extreme heat can damage the delicate lash extensions. Lashes exposed to extreme heat can ‘relax’ the curl, e.g; from a D curl it could relax to a C curl which would not be the desired look for you or your client! We all love a good summer BBQ and bonfire at night, but it is best to stay away from standing too close to a fire. High heat can singe eyelash extensions tips, and will no longer be fluffy and can be harder to brush through, this includes the oven! It’s best to wear sunglasses as well, not only do you look snazzy, you also protect your eyes, by keeping those lashes safe from the blistering sun.

Book infills more frequently

During the summer months, our bodies and hormones can change. We perspire more from the heat and produce more oils. To maintain the style and set of lashes, clients may need to visit a bit more frequently, ie; from 3 weeks to 2.5/2 weeks. Why not suggest pre-booking infills before your client leaves, so that they don’t have to worry and go without lashes for the summer. 

Avoid spraying liquid directly on your face

As tempting as it is to feel the cool mist of a refreshing toner on your face, or using a spray tan to give yourself that summer glow, it can actually do your lashes some damage!

Do not apply any spray tanning formula or any kind of spray liquid directly to the face for that matter! The tanning formula and colour can get stuck in the lashes and will no longer be the black hue your clients desire. The oils, chemicals and colour could break down the adhesive quicker than usual. Any kind of spray liquid can also settle and get stuck in between the lashes. If your clients really need to spray anything of any kind, advise them to spray into the palm of their hands and gently pat on the face.

I’m not sure about you, but we’re so grateful for lash extensions. It’s now so easy to stay active and enjoy all the summer activities, all the while looking and feeling gorgeous! No more panda eyes, or worrying about your mascara running down your face as you bathe in the summer sun! Ready for any moment, Lash Jungle Pro wants you and your clients  to enjoy the convenience of wearing lash extensions in the balmy summer days.

Feel free to share these tips with your clients 💛

- Lash Jungle Team xx